200 Hour Qi Gong Teacher Training

What would a regular and committed Qi Gong practice bring into your life?

This course is for those who want to go in-depth into the Foundations of Qi Gong and are considering becoming a Qi Gong Fundamentals Instructor.

In this time of high stress, economic insecurity, spending more time at home, working, socializing, and learning online, becoming a Qi Gong teacher makes a lot of sense.

If you are looking to train for a new career, studying Qi Gong is a process of entering deep states of meditation and instinctual readiness, emotional acceptance and spiritual reunion.

That will be your homework for a few hours a week. Awareness, Adaptability, Flow, Resistance, Release, and Stillness.

If you are not certain about becoming a teacher, you are invited to learn all of these skills for your personal practice.

Overview of the 200 Hour Program

Why Become a Qi Gong Instructor?

I have studied and practiced Qi Gong for over 40 years. It began as a part of learning martial arts. Quickly, Qi Gong became my closest ally in that and EVERY other part of my life. Teaching Qi Gong is the most rewarding ‘work’ I have ever done…

Begin Your Training as a Qi Gong Teacher

If you love embodied Spiritual and Healing practices and would like to teach someday, this course is for you. This 200 Hour intensive covers the Fundamental Practices of Qi Gong.


Qi Gong, Breathwork, and Embodied Awareness

It is your birthright to feel fit, flexible, adaptable and playful! Healthy animals stretch, play, move, rest, yawn, growl, and shake off distress almost every day!


Traditional Qi Gong Training

You will begin your training with a DEEP-DIVE into every joint in your body. Qi, your ‘Life Force’, is manifested through your circulation and sensations. By mobilizing your whole body and focusing your intention, you will feel amazing, more connected to your body and your life.

You will also learn to be still, how to stretch deeply and safely, and how to breathe all over again. 

Learning traditional forms helps you combine all of the above in an almost ceremonial container. Learning internal Qi Gong and Nei Gong principles will give you universes within universes within your own body.

Level One

Movement, Posture, Breath, and Stillness

You will begin your training by gently stretching and toning every muscle, joint and nerve in your body. You will notice changes in your postural alignment and energetic awareness very quickly.

Level Two

Deep Stillness and Precise Coordination

In Level Two you will explore the Eight Pieces of Brocade form, and the subtle Balancing Heaven and Earth form along with several essential Qi Gong Principles

Level Three

Deep Stillness and Precise Coordination

Level Three includes Standing Meditation, the Essentials of Chan (Zen) Seated MeditationShaolin Breathwork, and the classic Chan Si Jin – Silk Reeling Exercises.

This combination of experience, skills, and practices can be the foundation of a life-long practice as well as a part-time or full-time career.  

Online Training

Consistent and Spontaneous Support

In my experience, mentoring is always about Guidance, Evaluation, and Support. For an Athletic, Qi Gong, Meditation, Shamanic or Medical Student to feel confident, they naturally require consistent opportunities to connect, share, inquire and explore whatever skills and knowledge they are trying to master.

Successful learning and the building of confidence rely on support as much as anything.

This program includes three forms of live, interactive and essential support.
Weekly LIVE Webinars

The first form of support will be weekly LIVE webinar events. Over the next few years of your training, we will be spending a lot of time together!

EVERY WEEK, (or two) we will focus on the most essential, foundational and tangible principles of Qi Gong practice, Step-By-Step, Level By Level.

Monthly Group Collaborations

The second form of support is Monthly LIVE group co-teaching, Q&A, sessions, and seasonal webinar eventsEvery month we will gather as a group and take turns teaching and sharing – when you are ready.


Private Personal Mentoring

The third form of live and in-person, (or in e-person) connection will be your Private Review, Evaluation and Guidance sessions.

These Bi-Monthly One-on-One sessions will give you a chance to demonstrate what you are learning, ask questions, share breakthroughs, and get some feedback on the subtle details of your practice.


Starting February 10, 2021 

Wednesdays at 6:00 pm, PST

200 Hour Qi Gong Program


Access to the weekly live online experience

Access to all video and audio content as it is published 

Three Monthly Payments

Access Anywhere Anytime!

200 Hour Qi Gong Program


Due on the 15th of each month for 3 months.

Access to all video and audio content as it is published 

Your Instructor

Michael Smith, Dr.TCM, FDN-P

Martial Arts and Qi Gong Expert

Michael began his training in Martial Arts and Qi Gong at 10 years of age (over 40 years ago|). He has had the good fortune to learn from some of the highest level Masters in the Western world.


Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Dr. Smith practices Functional Medicine, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and encourages his patients to follow an Ancestral (Epigenetic) approach to lifestyle, exercise, and diet.


Professor, Author, and Speaker

Dr. Smith is constantly learning, researching, writing about, and teaching all things health, mindset, lifestyle, and Spirituality. He is an avid blogger. Podcast host and guest, and share videos on health, Daoism, and Qi Gong through social media.


Interested in becoming a Professional Level (Professor Capacity) Qi Gong Teacher and Scholar?

500 Hour Program

As a graduate, you will also become a part of an international community of people from around the world, dedicated to health, self-awareness, and a more conscious way of living.

Schedule a Phone or video Interview with Michael to make sure that this long-term learning opportunity is aligned with your needs and goals.

Personal Interview