Yes, I think Qi Gong can be learned, to a certain extent, online.

Given the technology so many people have access to, and the level of interaction possible, a person could learn enough online to have a very deep personal practice. Of course, like any art, the more you interact with other artists, especially those with more experience than you (even online), the better an artist you will likely become.

When access to video recording and sharing was first easily available, most of my very traditional Gong Fu (Kung Fu) and Qi Gong Masters would give me a tape of what we were learning. Usually half of the tape would be them demonstrating and the other half was them giving me specific corrections. I thought we were breaking some rule and then I realized that each of them had spent their lives training Olympic level athletes.

These exercises are safe, easy to learn (mostly) and deeply enjoyable. If you are looking for some basic exercises to get you started there are many free videos on social media. I sometimes choose a Qi Gong practice and find someone demonstrating it on YouTube. It is always fun to follow another person through a form you have practiced for years.

I am amazed at how many unique perspectives are out there!

If you are looking for a complete paradigm of practice, an ancient lineage to carry and a family of practitioners, teachers, healers and warriors, then I invite you to join me in a life-changing journey into the practices, benefits, and traditions of Qi Gong.

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    200 Hour Qi Gong Teacher Training Program

    Beginning Spring 2021

    This course is for those who want to study the Foundations of Qi Gong and are considering becoming Professional Qi Gong instructors.

    If you are looking to train for a new career, studying Qi Gong is a process of entering deep states of meditation and instinctual readiness, emotional acceptance, and spiritual reunion. Skills we all need in modern life.

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    This combination of experience, skills, and practices can be the foundation of a life-long practice as well as a part-time or full-time career.