Lesson Links

Lesson One

External Vigor Qi Gong and Hun Yuan (1-6) in detail

Lesson Two

Review and ‘Your muscles are amazing talk’

Lesson Three – skipped in error
Lesson Four

Shaolin Warrior Qi Gong and Appreciating your Organs – Kidneys

Lesson Five

Shaolin Warrior Qi Gong (seven) and Appreciating your Organs – Liver

Lesson Six 

Appreciating your Organs – Spleen

Lesson Seven

Nei Jia demonstration, joint wrapping, more Shaolin Warrior Qi Gong

Lesson Eight

Medical Qi Gong – starting a treatment

Lesson Nine

Appreciating your Organs – Lungs

Lesson Ten

Appreciating your Organs – Heart, and understanding Shen/Spirit

Lesson Eleven

Silk Reeling and the Yi Jin Jing

Lesson Twelve

Qi Chen – Anchoring Your Qi and Standing Meditation

Lesson Thirteen

Ba Duan Jin – REfinements and Finding your External Tripod

Lesson Fourteen

Shaolin Strength training and Torsion

Lesson Fifteen

Bone Marrow Washing – one

Lesson Sixteen

Transforming Muscles and Membranes, and Bone Breathing

2021 Solstice Practice

Bone Marrow Washing – one