Therapeutic Qi Gong for Professionals

All of the skills and practices that you may have cultivated through the first three levels of Traditional Qi Gong practice, or similar practices, are healing and promote fertility and longevity in some way. The more abundantly Qi functions, the more you will have a sense of Aliveness,’ and the more overall Life Force you will have available to help your health in countless ways.

As a future Qi Gong Professional, and/or very personally engaged practitioner, you are now embarking on the journey of learning more specific forms of Qi Gong to help yourself and others with more personalized, and possibly more challenging healing intentions.

Level Four Includes:
  • Dao Yin Self-Massage – This is a series of seated practices for clearing your meridians and connective tissues of stagnant energy, while also rejuvenating the elasticity of your deeper fascia and your skin. Facial Rejuvenation Qi Gong is very popular with all practitioners as they age – because it is so effective.
  • Internal Organ Healing Qi Gong (Nei Zang C’an Qi Fa) – In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are five primary ‘solid’ organs that are thought to be like the ‘bank accounts’, of your body. Like bank accounts they can be full, or on overdraft. This practice can be done seated, standing, or lying down. It involves a combination of Breathwork, small gestures, a specific quality of attention, and some long internal conversations with your Liver, Kidneys, Lungs, Pancreas/Spleen, and Heart.
  • Five Elements Qi Gong (Wu Xing Li Qi Fa) – imitating Nature is one of the best ways to understand and experience the Five Elements, or the Five Phases of Transformation. These five postures, gestures, animals, and internal ‘Flow States’, offer several dimensions to imitate and become more familiar and connected with the Five Phases of Qi.
  • Cultivating Qi and Dan Tian Awareness (Hun Yuan Qi Gong – part one)creating and interacting with a Qi Ball’ is a normal aspect of Qi Gong Cultivating a more refined quality of Qi perception, appreciation, assessment, connection, activation, release, and reunion, is inevitable. Fortunately, there are very precise guiding principles on this journey of Qi Awareness. It is the same with your three primary Dan Tian. They are always there, but it is profoundly beneficial to have a tried-and-true process of reawakening your latent abilities to work with the subtler aspects of your Body and Being.
  • Shamanic Healing Qi Gong (Tai Li Fa)– long ago, Qi Gong began as a Shamanic practice. The Great Reunion with Nature (Tai Li Fa) practice is a traditional form and a ceremonial practice for connecting with Nature, the Seasons, and the Weather, as well as an energetic ‘reunion’ with the infinite qualities of Qi in Nature. This form of embodied prayer is meant to be practiced at changes in the seasons, allowing the Qi of the Season to harmonize and restore your inner energetic climate.
  • Trauma Release and Progressive Relaxation (Ting Li Dao Yin) – one of the oldest forms of Dao Yin works on the same principles as modern Trauma Release therapy. It seems that humans have always needed to release distress and the memories of the past. This series of Breathwork and movement practices and perspectives on mental and emotional health can be integrated into almost any traditional Qi Gong practice or form.
  • Injury Recovery Qi Gong (Lian Gong Shi Ba Fa) – almost everyone gets injured. Some people overdo it when they play, while others have chronic conditions that cause a lot of stiffness and pain. This modern Qi Gong form focuses on joint rehabilitation and whole-body reintegration. This practice was designed specifically for people recovering from severe injuries, a stroke, or a coma. It is taught in hospitals all over the world.
  • Primordial Qi Gong for Fertility and Inner Cultivation (Hun Yuan Qi Gong) if there is any time to focus on building a stronger ability to experience and work with Qi, it is when you need to heal, or when it is time to create new life. This traditional form is almost entirely focused on your three Dan Tian (Energy Centers), and your ability to open them, restore them, and ensure they are full of Aliveness (Qi). This practice is also celebrated for its longevity benefits and for supporting a more potent Nei Gong (Inner Cultivation) practice.
  • Nei Gong – Inner Cultivation for Spiritual Transcendence has always been a part of Daoism. These practices are always a fine balance of preventing and slowing the aging process, while committing your daily Qi to Spiritual Awakening. One of the first signs of aging is muscle loss (see below), and another is a weaker diaphragm and pelvic floor. These practices include advanced Breathwork, Pelvic floor activation, and Spinal Column mobilization.

If you need Healing, what intuitively calls you the most on that list of specific skills and experiences?

If you were to teach classes that focused on health, healing, fertility, and longevity, what are you the most interested in becoming an expert at?

I make my students learn all of these things at a respectful depth of understanding. When they choose what they want to go deeper into, they can let go of the skills they do not want to practice or teach. I recommend you do the same. Learn a broad range of Qi Gong Healing skills, styles, and forms. When you find the right combination of powerful tools and innate personal connection, you will do a great deal of good in the world.

This course is occasionally offered on its own for clinicians who are seeking Continuing Education content.

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