Therapeutic Movement and Shamanic Healing

Level Four focuses on Shamanic healing, therapeutic exercises, dynamic and safe flexibility, core strength and postural rehabilitation.

This level begins with a gentle and rejuvenating Dao Yin Self-Massage for Facial Rejuvenation and Relieving Stagnation.

Qi Gong began as a Shamanic practice. The Great Reunion with Nature – Tai Li Fa will be your next immersion into connecting with the forces of nature. This powerful 4-minute routine is also an amazing way to clear your mind and come into being with wholehearted intention.

Next, you will learn the world-renowned 18 Therapeutic Exercises – (Lian Gong shi Ba Fa). This Qi Gong Form is specifically for people recovering from severe injuries, a stroke or a coma.

One of the simplest ways to improve your posture, mood and metabolism is to Re-Charge Your Core tone with Qi Gong.

 The Deep Healing Flow series is safe and yet dynamic enough to help your nervous system adjust to many new positions. The focus is not on touching your toes as much as it is on rewiring the way your muscles and bones talk to each other.

There are some fundamentals to postural rehabilitation that EVERYONE should have learned in high-school.

Level Four will also take you deeper into your meditation practise with an introduction to the Microcosmic Orbit and deeper into your breathwork with Tortoise Breathing.

Comprehensive List

With a focus on healing, Level Four includes the following Qi Gong Principles, exercises, meditation, and breathwork skills:

Theory and Principles

Jingshen (Embodied State)

Emotional, Instinctual, and Existential Trauma

The 9 Layers of Embodied Distress

Your Polyvagal System and Your Extraordinary Meridians

Awakening and Integrating Your Six Dan Tian

Dao Yin Practice

Dao Yin Self Massage Flow

Tai Li Fa – The Great Reunion with Nature

Lian gong Shi Ba Fa – 18 Therapeutic Exercises

Review of Levels One, Two, and Three – with Somatic Awareness


Tortoise Breathing – One

Rocking, Breathwork, and Dan Tian Activation

Floor Work

Valley Spirit Lying Qi Gong

Hip Opening Qi Gong

Restore Your Core -One


Microcosmic Orbit – Second Pass

Nei Gong – Mind Fasting (Xin Zhai)

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