Lesson Links

Lesson One

Orientation to Phase Two and Dao Yin Face Massage

Lesson Two

Embodiment from the Bottom Up and the Tai Ji of Standing Meditation

Lesson Three

Guided Zhan Zhuang and the Lian Gong Shi Ba Fa (all videos)

Lesson Four

Embodied Healing, Silk Reeling, and the Ba Duan Jin

Lesson Five

Big Regulation, Hun Yuan Qi Gong (1-4), and bring standing Qi Gong into floor Work

Lesson Six – missed in error
Lesson Seven

Waist opening review, Hun Yuan, and Big Regulation – step by step

Lesson Eight

Warm-up review, Ba Duan Jin and Bracing, Hun Yuan – details

Lesson Nine

Big Regulation – four seasons and House Plant Qi Gong

Lesson Ten

Instincts and Wave Hands, Big Regulation and four stages of life

Lesson Eleven

Nei Gong Review

Lesson Twelve

Healing with your Qi Ball – intro External Vigor Qi Gong

Lesson Thirteen

Progressive Relaxation Breathwork and Clearing your Three Dan Tian

Lesson Fourteen

Tian Di He Yi Fa, Hun Yuan (1-6), and Big Regulation for your Heart

Lesson Fifteen

Seated Healing Qi Gong and External Vigor – two