Daoist, Buddhist, and Indigenous Wisdom Teachings

Wisdom takes time, and Wisdom is always worth the time.

If you are a Qi Gong professional or scholar of any kind, learning more about the history, experience, and culture that created Qi Gong can only deepen your appreciation for subtler implications and experiences of Qi Gong practice. If you are learning to become a Medical Qi Gong Therapist of some kind, I encourage you to learn about Daoist (or other Indigenous) Ontology (The Nature of Being), Cosmology, (the Nature of Existence), Seasonal and energetic attunement practices, personal and professional ethics, and anything else that can support your connections and collaborations with Nature, the Seasons, and the Universe.

Also, if you are a contemplative person and are thinking of working in health care, finding a way of life that keeps you connected with Wisdom, Philosophy, and Ceremony will ensure you have a guiding light in your Mind if your Heart ever gets heavy.

If you see yourself offering lectures and seminars, I recommend learning about the recent reunion of modern Quantum Physics and certain Indigenous truths about reality, consciousness, and the many layers of existence.

These are the subjects I offer and recommend for clinicians and therapists who want a broader understanding of Traditional Chinese medicine, Daoism, and a model of existence that directly reinforces the Qi of their personal practice and Qi Healing practice.

The Eight Branches of Daoism

  • Dao Jiao, Dao Jia – The History, Lore, Ethics Beliefs, Rituals, and Classic texts of Daoism. Most of this conversation is about ‘Walking in a Good Way’, or the way all these teachings come into the way that we live our day-to-day lives.
  • Yu Zhuo Zhi Dao – understanding Cosmology and Ontology, and there are a lot of choices, helps us fit into the world. As a Qi Healer, this offers you other layers of interaction with your clients (Souls/Ancestors), as well as a way to cultivate a deeper connection with qualities of Qi that support specific aspects of healing.
  • Ri Yue Feng Shui (Sun/Moon/Wind/Water) – if you are a gardener, hunter, or Healer, an awareness of the ever-shifting Seasons, climates, and weather. Just like a thunderstorm can impact a Medical Qi Gong treatment, so can a jarring or cold environment – like a treatment room. I have found the more qualitative sensitivity I give to my environment, the more sensitive I become to nuances within the energy systems of my patients.
  • Yang Sheng Fa – Methods for Nourishing Health (Level Seven – above)
  • Wu Shi Zhi Dao – Daoist Shamanic Practices include advanced Qi Gong practices (Level Eight), Fasting, Ceremonial Offerings, Dream Qi Gong, Ancestral Recapitulation, Soul Retrieval, and Rites of Passage.
  • Shen Ming Zhi Dao – Spiritual Luminosity and Reunion with Your Authentic Self. Mindfulness, emotional intelligence, personal accountability, and life coaching are all buzzwords – because we all need a path for our ego and personality, perhaps our social maturity, to grow. Sometimes you need a map to becoming your authentic self.
  • Dao Yin Qi Gong – Cultivating Embodied and Energetic Awareness (Levels One to Six)
  • Nei Gong Zhi Dao – The Path of Inner Cultivation ~

The Eight Branches are the most common foundations in contemporary Daoist life. You do not need to learn about Daoism to becomes a Qi Gong teacher or therapist, you just need a Spiritual compass and a map.

Working as a health care professional comes with certain responsibilities and challenges. The following topics can be helpful in preparing for this kind of career.

  • An Ethical Life of Autonomy and Reciprocity – every patient needs every clinician to have a clear sense of boundaries, and a deep compassion for the depths of confusion and disorientation that can occur with Trauma. As a potential Qi Gong Teacher and Therapist, you have a unique opportunity to help people on many dimensions in their lives. You also carry the ethical responsibility to ‘do no harm.’
  • Buddhism, Reincarnation, and Karma –becoming conscious of your deepest wounds, fears, and truths, can bring up a lot of instinctual, visceral, and existential pain. Some Buddhist teachings and practices are very precise to accepting life, embracing death, finding meaning.
  • A Fractal, Manifold, and Quantum Universe – some people are more likely to trust what ancient cultures knew, and some people need some science to trust that what they are relying on makes sense. Fortunately, there are many intersections between both.

This course is taught over a year in time with the seasons.

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