Opening Your Meridians and Energy Gates

It is time to learn about your meridians, subtle circulation, and deeper aspects of your nervous system. 

In Level Six, you will learn the Daoist ‘Willow Dance,’ a Shamanic way to explore and open your Meridians (Jing Luo) and instinctual Connective Tissue Reflexes (Jing Jin).

You will also be introduced to advanced theory and practices to cultivate your three Energy Centers (Dan Tien) and your Six Innate Minds (Yuan Shen).

In Traditional Chinese medicine, your meridians have a lot to do with your emotional experience and mindset. Your meridian training will begin by opening and activating your Governing Meridian (Du Mai) and your Conception Meridian (Ren Mai).

In Daoist Shen Ming (Spiritual Luminosity) practice, opening these meridians includes  Embodied Authenticity (Zhen) and Discernment (Can) awareness of your Three Selves and the subtleties of Yin and Yang in your Nine Pre-Heaven Dan Tian

In order to encourage a playful way to cultivate Awareness and Harmony in your Mind, you will also learn a modern practice called Inner Dialoguing. This is a contemporary expression o the ancient Daoist Practice of Huan Yuan Nei Guang – Inner Reflexion on the source of each behaviour.

Level Six will naturally settle into a more immersive and patient experience of your Microcosmic Orbit and Macrocosmic Orbit skills.

When you are ready, you will be guided through a 90-minute clearing of your Governing Vessel (Du Mai) and Conception (Ren Mai). This practice requires advanced breathwork practices that will shift your conscious state in unpredictable ways.

If you feel called to commit to the complete Nei Gong and Nei Dan journey (10 to 30 years), you can begin at the beginning. This will require a lot of dedication to form the necessary ‘containers’ and begin ‘Turning the Waterwheel.’


Actively opening your Meridians, Dan Tian, and Innate Minds can have unexpected results…

In Level Six, you will also be guided through a complete reintegration of all of the previous skills, exercises, and traditional forms.

Comprehensive List

Theory and Principles

The Chinese Medicine Meridian System

Opening Your Somatic Energy Gates

Embodied Authenticity (Zhen) and Discernment (Can)

The Yin and Yang of Your Nine Dan Tian

Dao Yin Practice

Daoist Willow Dance

Ba Duan Jin – Advanced Practice

Review and Integration of Previous Levels


Tortoise Breathing – Four

Visionary Breathwork – Introduction

Nei Dan (Daoist Alchemy) – Celestial Reunion and Your Dan Tian

Floor Work

Inner Dialoguing Journey – Deconstructing the Western Ego


Microcosmic Orbit and Macrocosmic Orbit Practices

Clearing Your Governing Vessel (Du Mai) and Conception (Ren Mai)

Nei Gong – Turning the Waterwheel

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