A Qi Gong class is a place to Learn, Practice, and Collaborate

A Qi Gong class is a place to learn, practice, and collaborate.

A direction and an appropriate pace – learn better with humour and contemporary imagery as well as the unchanging ancient wisdom and approach to Qi Gong practice.

most classes are a part of courses and often a part of a much larger journey. going to a class has countless benefits and a few distractions. Focusing on the practice should feel like a successful and unique step along the way.

collaboration happens in some obvious and some subconscious experiences. partner exercise, noticing differences and challenges. Why a group class is so important with online training.

In my experience, a class that is focused on a playful and collaborative approach to tangibly improving some aspects of the learning process is a class I want to go back to.

There are two other aspects of designing or experiencing a Qi Gong class. The first is the chosen combination of skills to develop. A good combination of exercises with an underlying connection to deepen the experience and ensure that the lesson is internalized.

The second is the flow of awareness and interaction. Modern life is a thousand times more distracting and immediate than life was when people first developed this practice. It is a skill in itself to bring people back from the internet, traffic, impatience, and the frantic pace of modern life.

The Flow of a Qi Gong Class

If a Qi Gong class is like going dancing, and the lesson makes up the music, the last concern is the flow of shifting awareness throughout each class. There are countless possibilities, but the most common flow is as follows.

Opening to Your Practice

Qi Gong is also like a conversation with your higher, deeper, and/or more authentic self. Imagine committing to an hour-long conversation that will require your attention and participation. Opening yourself and committing your courage and vulnerability to whatever happens next is a beautiful way to begin a Qi gong Class or personal practice session.

The shift of awareness is from impatient and busy time to present and collaborative time.

San Dao Salutation

Think of the Universe as your teacher. At the beginning of each class/session, it is a tradition to offer respect to your teacher.  If you remember grade school, the first thing that your teacher will do at the beginning of each class is to take attendance.  The universe is asking you “Are you here? Are you aware? Are you ready?”, all you have to do is say (and be) “Present!”.

In the Qi Gong, we say ‘present’ by exploring the San Dao Salutation.  This practice allows you to extend your perceptual awareness into each of the San Dao (Sky/Heaven, Beings/Interactions, and Earth/Body). (see <?>)

The shift of awareness is from you moving through the world to you connecting with what makes the world possible.

Connecting to and Activating Qi.

After arriving in the present and becoming as available to your practice, you can reawaken and develop your awareness of Qi.  The Chinese word Qi is untranslatable in any literal way into English, but Circulation, Communication, Interaction, and Aliveness are good places to start.

As your Qi Gong experience deepens, your involvement in the deeper experiences of your life also increases.  Over time, your direct perception or awareness of Qi also increases.

The most common initial Qi experiences include:
      • Warmth and mild vibrations in the hands
      • A general dissolving sensation of the whole body
      • A change in our sense of dexterity and coordination
      • The whole body may feel like it is expanding like a balloon
      • A deep and very personal feeling of contentment, euphoria, love, acceptance and possibly even anger or fear.

The shift of awareness is from connecting to the outer Universe to your inner energetic or sensual Universe.

Alignment, Flexibility and Co-ordination

Your focus, in every class (practice session), must include your embodied experience.  A good beginning is to have a “love affair” with gravity and the atmosphere.  This will assist you in regaining proper alignment by yielding to the most constant influences on your body.  At the same time, you can explore your natural flexibilities and tensions; the forces most responsible for proper (and poor) alignment.

In Qi Gong, each of your joints is considered a gateway for Qi (Circulation). By exploring and opening all of your energy gates (your joints) you will increase Qi flow, natural flexibility and balanced alignment.

Another aspect of opening your joints is to imagine that the atmosphere is like the ocean – with strong tides and to imagine that your body is made of kelp. By completely letting go of your body and flowing like deep ocean currents, you will find your Mind, Body, and Emotions meeting in the vulnerability of complete release.

It is easy to focus on the movements and forget the love affair. Feeling gravity, the atmosphere, or the imaginary ocean as an intimate friend or lover – enjoying a shift of attention, expectation, and boundaries are one of the many reasons this practice has been taught for so long.

It sounds grandiose, but this is about becoming one with reality – after all…

With an open and energized Body, Mind and Heart, you will naturally feel more co-coordinated, graceful and sensually aware.

The shift of awareness is from the mechanics of posture and movement to the meaning of being moved and opened through dissolving control and boundaries – safely.

 Deepening Your Awareness

It is also recommended to involve yourself in 5 – 10 minutes (or more) to learning and practicing ways to directly cultivate awareness of your relationships with others and with yourself. This includes forms of meditation, aspects of Daoist Shamanic practice, and generally having fun with your experience of life.

It is good to begin each class with an idea of what awareness practice you will include. It is also wise to be intuitive about where your awareness needs to go and how to find the way there.

The shift of awareness is from guiding your practice to being guided by the quieter voices in your body, or from deeper within.

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