I have studied and practiced Qi Gong for over 40 years. 

It began as a part of learning martial arts. Quickly, Qi Gong became my closest ally in that and EVERY other part of my life. Teaching Qi Gong is the most rewarding ‘work’ I have ever done…

It began as a part of learning martial arts. Quickly, Qi Gong became my closest ally in EVERY other part of my life. This ancient Indigenous practice is as important to my sense of self and my experience of well-being as eating, sleeping, fitness, adventures, and sex.

If you are looking for a career helping people come home to their bodies and improve their quality of life, Qi Gong is a great choice!

As a front-line clinician, I have seen Qi Gong reverse the process of many chronic illnesses. Today, especially, people rarely have time for their bodies. Just like Yoga, meditation, and fitness, Qi Gong is becoming a respected and popular approach to wellbeing, vitality, fertility and longevity.

Imagine being able to help people improve their energy level, mood, fitness, mindfulness, adaptability, and patience.

Imagine being a part of the groundswell of professional-level Qi going teachers.

Qi Gong Teachers are Needed now!

Given the terrifying health statistics of the 21st Century, people everywhere are looking for guidance on how to manage stress and how to live a healthier life. This is especially true of the ‘Baby Boomer’ population.

The epidemic of Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, Autoimmune Disease, Infertility, and Alzheimer’s Disease are all serious warnings that modern life is out of balance.

Most of us are now living modern busy screen centred lives. If you do not have a regular mindfulness, movement, and fitness practice, your brain will literally shrink!

That is true of everyone in modern society. Qi Gong can be practiced and taught standing, moving, sitting, or even lying down.

Regular Qi Gong practice, along with the fundamental principles of Traditional Chinese medicine, are profoundly beneficial in keeping practitioners more healthy, fit and happy.

This program includes practices for deep relaxation, gentle therapeutic exercise, traditional forms, shamanic communion with nature, strength training, preventative medicine, fertility and longevity practices, and hands-on healing. You will also learn about Ancestral Nutrition and the Spiritual teachings of Daoism.

As a potential Qi Gong teacher, your opportunities to create and deliver your courses are only limited by your imagination and how much of this life-changing practice you choose to learn.

Society needs more Qi Gong teachers to help people heal and to have a regular embodied practice. Many people who have enjoyed Yoga for years are now being turned on to the unique qualities and benefits of the Qi Gong experience.

If you are looking for professional, experienced, and dedicated instruction, let’s have a conversation.

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    200 Hour Qi Gong Teacher Training Program

    Beginning Spring 2021

    This course is for those who want to study the Foundations of Qi Gong and are considering becoming Professional Qi Gong instructors.

    If you are looking to train for a new career, studying Qi Gong is a process of entering deep states of meditation and instinctual readiness, emotional acceptance, and spiritual reunion. Skills we all need in modern life.

    Watch this video for an overview of the program and this life-changing opportunity!

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    This combination of experience, skills, and practices can be the foundation of a life-long practice as well as a part-time or full-time career.