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Welcome to Primordial Dao Present Dao

A long-form conversation style podcast about all-things Daoism.

Our conversations and interviews will discuss ancient and modern Daoist wisdom teachings, seasonal longevity and healing traditions, spiritual practices, relationship guidance and profound insights on walking an authentic and meaningful path.

However you choose to walk it.

Michael Smith is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been a formal student and practitioner of Daoism for 35 years.

David Bisson is a novice initiate in the Quan Zhen lineage of Daoism.

Episode One

Coming Into Being

Part One

The origins and history of Daoism

The Principle of Xing Ming Shuang Xiu

Simply put, study the Nature of Existence and Nature of Life equally.

Master Pedro Chang and Embodied Spiritual Warriorship

An opportunity to explore and embody your spiritual practice in the context of meaning and warrior-like purpose.

Umbilical Breathing – One

Breathe as if there was a small elastic between your navel and your spine. Breath slowly and deeply stretching out the elastic and allowing the tension to help you exhale completely.

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