Become a Traditional Qi Gong Teacher 

200 Hours

(1 – 2 Years)

This course is for those who want to go in-depth into the Foundations of Qi Gong and want to become a Traditional Qi Gong Instructor.

If you are looking to train for a new career, learning to teach Qi Gong is a great choice. Qi Gong focuses on connecting with your Qi, or your ‘sensations of Aliveness’, entering deep states of meditation, instinctual readiness, emotional acceptance, and Spiritual reunion. Skills that almost everyone needs more of today.

Here is your homework…

Practice Awareness, Adaptability, Flow, Resiliance, Release, and Stillness.

Level One

Embodied Awareness

Movement, Posture, Breath, and Stillness

Imagine moving with a lot of patience and intention. Imagine taking the time to gently stretch and tone every muscle, joint, and nerve in your body. Regularly, systematically, and with some guiding principles of how to collaborate with your breath and your nervous system. Or, said another, work with your sensations of Qi. In Level One, you will begin with the Qi Gong essentials:

  • Intentionally opening and closing your practice
  • Connecting with your breath and Qi
  • Opening your joints and relieving chronic tension
  • Exploring and Expressing the Energies of Life (Yin, Yang, Five Elements, etc)– or Qi Gong Play!
  • Engaging the Relaxation Response (Fang Song) – learning to relax is a skill!
  • Seated Qi Gong practices and Breathwork – for deeper healing.
  • Fitness Qi Gong for core tone and dynamic flexibility.
  • How to Meditate, seated, standing, walking, and lying down.
  • An introduction to Nei Gong – Inner Cultivation practices.
  • An introduction to the Daoist Universe and the many meanings of Qi

Level Two

Forms and Applied Principles

Falling in Love with Repetition, Flow, Connection, and Meaning

The study of Traditional Qi Gong Forms is an essential part of Qi Gong practice. The therapeutic and meditative benefits of gradually refining your posture, alignment, and mobility, and/or releasing any tension, over and over again, are profound.

Some Applied Principles have to do with biomechanics, some with the elastic nature of muscles and fascia, and some are determined by the way your nervous system instinctually settles down. Other principles in Qi Gong are based on thousands of years of experience working with the subtle energetic systems of the Mind and Body.

The Forms and Principles explored in Level Two include: 

  • Shaolin – Eight Pieces of Brocade (Ba Duan Jin)
  • Daoist – Balancing Heaven and Earth (Tian Di He Yi Fa) 
  • Shaolin – Muscle Tendon Change (Yi Jin Jing). Principles for restoring connective tissue.
  • Your Three Basins – coordinating your core muscles with your spine.
  • Opening Your Kua – restores agility in your pelvis, hips, groin, and lower back.
  • Advanced Breathwork will have you Breathing with your Pelvic Floor.
  • Clearing Your Three Dan Tian – honoring your Instinctual, Intuitive, and Existential experiences.
  • The Five Spines – improve the flexibility of your whole body.

Level Three

Internal Refinement

Standing Meditation, Silk Reeling, and Five Animal Qi Gong

The content of Level One and Two will give you enough information to practice and/or teach Qi Gong for years. With some Inner Refinement practices, your understanding of principles, and your ability to help your future students will improve greatly.

As a practitioner and possible teacher of the essentials of Traditional Qi Gong, you can be confident that what you are practicing and sharing is rooted in ancient tradition, is very safe, and will continue to show you endless subtleties for the rest of your life.

Level Three ensures that your Qi Gong practice has a balance of efficiency, coordination, and flow, through:

  • Agility and Longevity Qi Gong – This flow is most often used as a warm-up for a Martial Arts class.
  • Standing Meditation (Zhan Zhuang) will teach you more about postural efficiency and alignment than anything else.
  • Freeform Tai Chi – Sometimes dancing, Qi Gong, and flow NEED to be random.
  • Silk Reeling Skills (Chan Si Jin) – nothing makes human movement more beautiful, elegant, and powerful to watch, than whole-body coordination.
  • Five Animal Shape-Shifting – Qi Gong has a very long history of imitating animals.
  • Your Six Innate Minds (Yuan Xin) –Nei Gong is the lifelong path of meditation and Inner Cultivation.

Online Training needs Consistent and Spontaneous Support

There are three forms of Live, Interactive, and Individual support

“If you are not certain about becoming a teacher, you are invited to explore

and enjoy all of these skills and support for your personal practice.”

Weekly LIVE


The first form of support will be weekly LIVE webinar events. 
EVERY WEEK, we will focus on the most essential, foundational, and tangible principles of Qi Gong practice.

Similar to an in-person class, we will practice together for part of the class, then I will teach a new exercise or skill…

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Monthly Group

Every month there will be a LIVE group online webinar. We will also gather monthly as a group and learn together. For the first few months, I will be going deeper into the principles and theories of Qi Gong. Once the group has learned the essentials and is ready to begin sharing, you will have an opportunity to share an exercise or two.


Private Personal

The third form of LIVE and in-person, (or in e-person) interaction will be your Private Review, Evaluation, and Guidance sessions. These Bi-Monthly One-on-One sessions will give you a chance to demonstrate what you are learning, ask questions, share breakthroughs, and get some feedback on the subtle details of your practice.


Mentoring is always about Guidance, Evaluation, and Support.

For an Athletic, Qi Gong, Meditation, Shamanic or Medical Student to feel confident, they naturally require consistent opportunities to connect, share, inquire and explore whatever skills and knowledge they are trying to master.

The Soma Dao Programs focus on connection and support.

Description of the 200-Hour Program

(5 Min)

April 15, 2024

Mondays – 6:00 pm – PST

One Payment in Full

Access Anywhere Anytime!


(Due March 24th)

Three Monthly Payments

Access Anywhere Anytime!


Due on the 15th of each month for 3 months.

Twelve Monthly Payments

Access Anywhere Anytime!


Due on the 15th of each month for 12 months.

Access to all video and audio content as it is published 

As a graduate, you will also become a part of an international community of people from around the world, dedicated to health, self-awareness, and a more conscious way of living.

Schedule a Phone or Video Interview with Dr. Michael Smith to make sure that this long-term learning opportunity is aligned with your present health status, personal needs, and long-term goals.