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Are you feeling called to teach Qi Gong?

If you are, I invite you to begin a life-changing journey of self-exploration, self-awareness, and personal growth through the practice of Qi Gong.

This inward journey could also become a career by sharing your skills and experience with others.

This ancient practice is sourced from Buddhism and the Indigenous Daoism Healing Traditions of Asia.

Qi Gong is a path of dedicated and playful practise that reconnects you with your body, breath, the natural world, your authentic conscious self, and perhaps the mystery of life.

This ancient and contemporary practice is spreading worldwide and needs more well-trained and highly competent teachers.

If you already have a personal practice and are looking for new skills, forms and advanced principles, there are 10 levels to this training program.

If you are not sure if you want to teach, take your time and learn from these powerful experiences first.

If you are a clinician and want to include any of the scientifically proven skills and benefits into the way you practice, this course is based on the training I initially developed when teaching a 5-year Doctoral level program in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

If you are a patient with any form of chronic disease, but especially Autoimmune Disease, unresolved trauma (PTSD), and/or Addiction, Qi Gong has many clinically proven benefits. The first three levels of this program will give you the most important tools and skills to approach your health and state of mind in a new and authentic way.

If you feel called to teach Qi Gong, this 3 Phase and 10 Level program covers every aspect of Qi Gong practice, focusing on exercises that improve the flexibility and strength of every joint, muscle and nerve in your body – safely.

Most of these exercises are sourced from the Monastic traditions of Daoism and Shaolin Buddhism, as well as the Indigenous Healing practices that go back at least 7,000 years. These traditions have in-depth meditative, breathwork and shamanic practices to help you become more present, adaptable, playful, and conscious to your life and all life.

And so much more…

What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong (Chi Kung) is an embodied healing and spiritual practice that involves:

  • gentle and rhythmic movement,
  • deep stretching,
  • focused breathwork,
  • whole-body relaxation,
  • meditative awareness,
  • and prolonged immersive stillness.

With regular practise, most people reawaken a subtle ‘energetic’ awareness of their somatic, physical, emotional, spiritual and instinctual experience.

In Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong is considered to be the most potent form of healing!

This practice originated with the Indigenous people of Asia about 7000 years ago, as a form of healing, prayer and communion with nature.

At present, Qi Gong is practiced all over the world as a method of healing oneself and others, enhancing athletic and martial arts capabilities, as well as cultivating Spiritual awareness and a deeper connection with nature.

Also called Chinese YogaQi Gong is world-renowned for its low impact exercise, gentle and scientifically proven health benefits. In the last two decades, increased availability of instructors has made it possible for many people to cultivate this life-enriching practise and to transform their day-to-day lives.

There are thousands of different styles and lineages of Qi Gong. There are just as many purposes and unique intentions in this vast resource of practical wisdom.

This program combines modern Qi Gong with the original Daoist practice called Dao Yin.

This approach focuses on a gradual exploration of your instinctual embodied experience and vitality, your intuition and ‘energetic’ sense of the world, your relationships, and your existential journey of finding a balance of meaning and mystery in your spiritual life.

Why Become a Qi Gong Instructor?

I have studied and practiced Qi Gong for over 40 years.

It began as a part of learning martial arts. Quickly, Qi Gong became my closest ally in EVERY other part of my life. This ancient Indigenous practice is as important to my sense of self and my experience of well-being as eating, sleeping, fitness, adventures, and sex.

If you are looking for a career helping people come home to their bodies and improve their quality of life, Qi Gong is a great choice!

As a front-line clinician, I have seen Qi Gong reverse the process of many chronic illnesses. Today, especially, people rarely have time for their bodies. Just like Yoga, meditation, and fitness, Qi Gong is becoming a respected and popular approach to wellbeing, vitality, fertility and longevity.

Imagine being able to help people improve their energy level, mood, fitness, mindfulness, adaptability, and patience.

Imagine being a part of the groundswell of professional-level Qi going teachers.

Qi Gong Teachers are Needed now!

Given the terrifying health statistics of the 21st Century, people everywhere are looking for guidance on how to manage stress and how to live a healthier life. This is especially true of the ‘Baby Boomer’ population.

The epidemic of Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, Autoimmune Disease, Infertility, and Alzheimer’s Disease are all serious warnings that modern life is out of balance.

Regular Qi Gong practice, along with the fundamental principles of Traditional Chinese medicine, are profoundly beneficial in keeping practitioners more healthy, fit and happy.

This program includes practices for deep relaxation, gentle therapeutic exercise, traditional forms, shamanic communion with nature, strength training, preventative medicine, fertility and longevity practices, and hands-on healing. You will also learn about Ancestral Nutrition and the Spiritual teachings of Daoism.

If you are looking for professional, experienced, and dedicated instruction, let’s have a conversation.

Are Qi Gong and Yoga the Same?

Since the 1960’s Qi Gong, Taijiquan (Tai Chi), Gong Fu (Kung Fu), Meditation, Breathwork, and Yoga have become normal parts of modern culture for most of us in some way.

It is abundantly clear that movement, stretching, stillness, breathwork, and meditation are experiences that many people need to be happy and healthy.

Both Qi Gong and Yoga are embodied Spiritual practices.

Both call us to presence, connection, intention and peaceful abundance. Yoga, for the most part, focuses on Asanas, or fixed postures with endless opportunities for deepening subtleties of awareness and practice. Qi Gong also has this practice, although Qi Gong tends to focus more on repetitive, flowing and circular gestures, stretches, and postural rehabilitation. These repetitive and rhythmic opportunities help carry people into deeper states of relaxation and meditative awareness.

These symbolic and tangibly emotive movements are often combined into larger choreographed series of movements called ‘forms.’

In my experience, an “Embodied Spiritual Practice” is the same opportunity no matter what it is called.

Can You Learn Qi Gong Online?

Yes, I think Qi Gong can be learned, to a certain extent, online.

Given the technology so many people have access to, and the level of interaction possible, a person could learn enough online to have a very deep personal practice. Of course, like any art, the more you interact with other artists, especially those with more experience than you, the better an artist you will likely become.

When access to video recording and sharing was first easily available, most of my very traditional Gong Fu (Kung Fu) and Qi Gong Masters would give me a tape of what we were learning. Usually half of the tape would be them demonstrating and the other half was them giving me specific corrections. I thought we were breaking some rule and then I realized that each of them had spent their lives training Olympic level athletes.

These exercises are safe, easy to learn (mostly) and deeply enjoyable. If you are looking for some basic exercises to get you started there are many free videos on social media. I sometimes choose a Qi Gong practice and find someone demonstrating it on YouTube. It is always fun to follow another person through a form you have practiced for years.

I am amazed at how many unique perspectives are out there!

If you are looking for a complete paradigm of practice, an ancient lineage to carry and a family of practitioners, teachers, healers and warriors, then I invite you to join me in a life-changing journey into the practices, benefits, and traditions of Qi Gong.

The Three Phases of Becoming a Qi Gong teacher

Becoming an Experienced and confident Qi Gong teacher takes a few years.

You will have access to the content for life, so you can always review the exercises when you need to. When you feel that you have the experience, expertise, and clarity with the content to begin teaching, then Welcome to the team!

The best way to learn to teach is to teach! If you plan to teach, then I will do my best to help you get there!

There are three phases to this training. I recognize that some people only want to learn the essentials, some are only interested in the clinical or therapeutic application, while others feel called to learn a complete tradition and carry it forward into the future.

Phase One:

Fundamental Practices and Principles Instructor

200 Hours – 1-2 years

Everyone starts here!

Whole body stretching and strengthening

Dynamic Flexibility

Meditative Awareness

Traditional Forms

Postural Rehabilitation

Instinctual Coordination

Healing Breathwork

Qi Gong and Daoist Principles

Once you have completed this phase of your training you will be prepared to teach in your own studio, a local studio, a recreations center, a Senior’s center, a corporate retreat, or other retreat or gathering. Phase One includes Level One to Level Three – see below.

If you have some experience and practice often you could complete this training in one year.

Phase Two:

Qi Gong for Health, Fertility, and Longevity Instructor

350 Hours – 2-3 years

Graduates of Phase One can continue on and learn:

Therapeutic Exercise

Daoist Lying Qi Gong (Inner Work)

Microcosmic Orbit

Shaolin Strength Training

Somatic Mindfulness Qi gong

Trauma Release Breathwork

Core and Hip Rehabilitation

Shamanic Reconnection with Nature

Opening your Meridians, Energy Centers, and Energy Gates

Inner Purification Breathwork

Bone Marrow Cleansing

Longevity and Fertility Qi Gong

Ancient and Modern Preventative Medicine

At this level of training you could easily work in (or run) an Integrative medicine clinic. It would be easy to build an online brand as a Qi Gong for Fat Loss, Fertility, and/or Longevity expert. You could consistently fill up specialized weekend seminars, with this level of knowledge.

The Shaolin Qi Gong is highly sought after in many martial arts schools.

Phase Two covers Level Four – Level Seven – see below.

Phase Three:

Professional Qi Gong Instructor

500 Hours – 3-5 years

If you feel called to follow your Qi Gong Journey to the end, Welcome to the final phase of your training.

Advanced Shaolin Qi Gong

Advanced Daoist Shamanic Qi gong

Reintegration of all previous training

Advanced Monastic Breathwork

Advanced Visionary Breathwork

Daoist Ontology, Cosmology, and Indigenous Wisdom

Shaolin Buddhist Rites of Passage

Contemporary Quantum Spirituality

Hands on Healing

Trauma Release Bodywork

A professional level Qi Gong teacher, in my opinion should know all of the Qi Gong that a doctor of Chinese medicine should learn – as well as some aspects of Daoist and Shaolin Buddhist monastic training.

Traditionally, a Qi Gong expert was also a healer. You are not required to help others in this way, but you may want to share those skills some day. If you are excited to learn the oldest form of healing in the world, you will have skill that can heal others and support you long into your retirement.

Learning Qi Gong Online

In this video I share a story about learning Qi Gong through a language barrier.

I am confident that I can communicate and demonstrate these skills through video. We will have several live Q&A sessions for each level of the training.


  • Teacher Training – After an interview, you can train and be certified as a Qi Gong Foundations Instructor, a Qi Gong for Health, Fertility, and Longevity Instructor, or a Fully certified Professional Qi Gong Instructor.

  • Personal Practitioner – If you already enjoy a personal practice and are looking for a specific skillset or more Qi Gong styles to explore, you can participate in most of the teacher training classes as they become available.

  • Clinicians – If you are a clinician or healer and want to include Qi Gong as a part of your resources you are welcome to take any of the courses that are offered if you have the prerequisite experience.

  • Patients – If you are presently suffering from chronic illness, Trauma, or Addiction, you are welcome to joion the training from the beginning. I recommend taking the first four levels of the traiing to ensure that you have all of the tolls, skills, and resources that you need to improve and maintain better health.


The 500 Hour, Professional Level Qi Gong Instructor program is meant to prepare you to be an expert in all aspects of Qi Gong Practice, Theory, History, Cosmology, Ontology, and Shamanic Healing practices.

If you choose, you could teach at all of the above institutions, as well as travel internationally as a representative of the Soma Dao Process, or as a solo Qi Gong expert.

Traditionally, a Qi Gong expert was also a healer. You are not required to help others in this way, but you may want to share those skills someday. If you are excited to learn the oldest form of healing in the world, you will have a skill that can heal others and support you long into your retirement.

500 Hour Link

350 Hour Program

Once you have completed your 350 Hours of training, you will be a Fertility and Longevity Qi Gong Instructor.

People with this level of training usually teach at Integrative Medicine Clinics, Chinese Medicine Colleges, and at retreat centers.

 It would be easy to build an online brand as a Qi Gong for Fat Loss, Fertility, and/or Longevity expert. You could consistently fill up specialized weekend seminars, with this level of knowledge.

The Shaolin Qi Gong is highly sought after in many martial arts schools.

350 Hour Link

One Year Intensive

Save $500.00

The One Year Intensive is the best way to learn the basics and begin your journey into the deeper practices of Qi Gong.

This course includes the first three levels of the Profesional Level Qi Gong Teacher Training.

If you are interested in teaching Qi Gong at a Foundational level, or are more interested in your cultivaing your personal practice or focusing on your inner healing journey, the 200 Hour program was designed specifically for you.

One Year Intensive LINK

The first level of the Soma Dao Qi Gong process is a comprehensive introduction to this ancient practice. This 4-month training will help you loosen all of your muscles and open all of your joints.

You will learn standing and seated Qi Gong, several form of meditation and breathwork, and the worldview that developed this profound method of healing.

Foundations Course

Outline of the Ten Levels and Three Phases

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