Soma Dao Qi Gong Courses for 2020

Learning Online – The “Make Fun of Me” Story.

Foundations of Movement, Posture, and Breath

The first level of the Soma Dao Qi Gong process is a comprehensive introduction to this ancient practice. This 4-month training will help you loosen all of your muscles and open all of your joints.

You will learn walking, standing, and seated Qi Gong, several forms of meditation and breathwork, and the worldview that developed this profound method of healing.

This course can be taken live, with the 200 Hour Program, or you can learn from the recorded video and written content.

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One Year Intensive (200 Hours)

The One Year Intensive is the best way to learn the basics and begin your journey into the deeper practices of Qi Gong.

This course includes the first three levels of the Profesional Level Qi Gong Teacher Training.

If you are interested in teaching Qi Gong at a Foundational level, or are more interested in your cultivating your personal practice or focusing on your inner healing journey, the 200 Hour program was designed specifically for you.

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One Year

Fertility and Longevity Qi Gong Teacher (350 Hours)

350 Hour Program

Once you have completed your 350 Hours of training, you will be a Fertility and Longevity Qi Gong Instructor.

People with this level of training usually teach at Integrative Medicine Clinics, Chinese Medicine Colleges, and at retreat centers.

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Professional Qi Gong Teacher (500 Hours)

500 Hour

The 500 Hour, Professional Level Qi Gong Instructor program is meant to prepare you tobe an expert in all aspects of Qi Gong Practice, Theory, History, Cosmology, Ontology, and Shamanic Healing practices.

If you choose, you could teach at all of the above intsitutions, as well as travel internationally as a representative of the Soma Dao Process, or as a solo Qi Gong expert.

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