In many Spiritual traditions, especially the ones that focus on meditation, how you live your life, how you eat, your level of fitness, your emotional intelligence, and your ability to create comfort and ease, are all expressions of dedication to your health and longevity. This is because meditation is so profoundly meaningful and Spiritual Awakening so elusive, that preparing for a long and vigorous life has always been advised.

Combining your Qi Gong practice (and teaching) with a Yang Sheng Fa practice has always been a successful marriage in the history of Daoist Cultivation. The principles and practices of Yang Sheng Fa are rooted in thousands of years of experience, of both healers, and those who have needed healing. A principle of Daoism, called Zi Ran (being spontaneous, contemporary, and in your autonomy), reminds us all that life is always changing, and so is the understanding of how bodies work, what slows aging, and what is causing the most common illnesses of the day.

Although I am very invested in the ancient healing wisdom that I have learned, I am also very passionate about staying at the leading edge of Functional Medicine, lab testing, and nutraceutical protocols. If you like science and are interested in a systems-based approach to healing, Functional Medicine is essentially Chinese medicine with a Microscope.

Throughout this Ten Week Healing Journey, I will share a balance of the old and the new, what has gone wrong, what works, why,

and most importantly, what to do about it!