Let’s Chat

If you are considering taking any of the courses that do not lead to certification, or you want to participate in the teacher training program(s) and are not considering certification at this time, you do not need to schedule an interview.

If you want to take any of the Qi Gong Teacher and/or Therapist courses and become certified, then we should have a chat.

It should only take about 30 minutes.

Studying Qi Gong in this way creates both a professional relationship and a traditional Qi Gong family relationship. It is important that you are clear on your intentions, and ability to commit enough time, and that you and I are on the ‘same page’ about the future of Qi Gong in the West.

Also, because some of the training is physically challenging and psychologically very transformational, I would like to learn about your present state of health and physical fitness. If you are presently living with a chronic health challenge that may limit you in some ways but still feel drawn to studying Qi Gong, we can see if participating in this training is suitable and beneficial.

Please send a message to set up a Zoom call.

Or, Contact us through email at: somadaoqigong@gmail.com

Or, on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/somadaoqigong

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