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If you are considering the Level One – Foundations of Movement, Posture, and Breath.<?> You do not need to schedule an interview. I am sure you will love the course.

If you are interested in the One Year Intensive and are not planning on being certifide to teach, feel free to join in. If you want to take this course and become certified as a teacher, then we should have a chat. It should only take about 20 minutes.

If you are looking for certification as a Longevity or Professional Level Qi Gong teacher with me then I would like to meet with you first. This is professional relationship and a tradition Qi Gong family relationship.

Please send me a mesaage through this form to set up a Skype or Zoom call.

    The Soma Dao Process

    Over the last 15 years my focus has shifted from a purely Chinese and Daoist form of Qi Gong to include the healing perspectives of Indigenous Medicine People and Modern Clinical Science.

    This video describes the Soma Dao Process and why the course is organized the way it is.

    In the video I discusss, the Ten Levels and Three Phases of the Soma Dao Qi Gong Program.

    You will never be asked to practice something you are not comfortable with.


    Student Resources Package (Student Resources – 2020)
    San Dao – Your Three Selves and Three Paths
    Guidance on Creating a Practice Session
    The Classic Flow of a Qi Gong Practice
    Qi Gong and the Four Wounds of Trauma