Preparing for a Career in Medical Qi Gong

This Course is Level Nine of the Soma Dao Medical Qi Gong Training Process

This course is delivered over a one-year period.

At this level of Qi Gong practice, it is wise to cultivate a great deal of patience, a dedicated personal practice, and a connoisseur’s relationship with refinement.

Inner Power development (Shaolin Nei Jing Gong) – practicing Medical Qi Gong takes a great deal of concentration. You need to be able to ground yourself (literally), and you will need to feel into and respond to many subtle energetic puzzles and possibilities – in every treatment. On a regular basis, you will need to ‘purify’ your Meridians and Dan Tian, to ensure that you are not getting stuck in any patterns. When you need it, the Shaolin Nei Jing Gong (Inner Potency Restoration) will ensure that you do not get energetically burned out or ‘pick up’ other people’s energetic curses and challenges.

Daoist Shamanic Dao Yin – if you are going to rely on your connection and relationship with the Sky, Land, and Primordial Qi of the Universe to heal others, I recommend that you regularly heal and restore your relationships with these sources of Life and Existence. The most powerful Qi Gong practices that I have learned for this purpose are the rare Tian Ren He Yi Fa – Balancing Heaven and Beings practice, and the Ren Di He Yi Fa – Balancing Human Beings and the Earth practice.

These are traditional Daoist ceremonial practices for individuals or groups that usually happen outside at the most auspicious times of the year. These ‘peak experiences,’ not only open you to the intimacy of the living world of Qi, but also teach you how to refine your sensitivity to the subtle healing qualities necessary for any form of Medical Qi Gong.

The Indigenous Daoist Universe – Yu Zhuo Zhi Dao – If you are a Qi Gong professional or scholar of any kind, understanding Cosmology and Ontology, learning more about the history, experience, and culture that created Qi Gong can only deepen your appreciation for subtler implications and experiences of Qi Gong practice. If you are learning to become a Medical Qi Gong Therapist of any kind, I encourage you to learn about Daoist (or other Indigenous) Ontology (The Nature of Being), Cosmology, (the Nature of Existence), Seasonal and energetic attunement practices.

Daoist Alchemy from the Yi Dao Huan Yuan tradition (Jin Hua Nei Dan) – the ancient Indigenous people of Asia developed a form of meditation and breathwork that can induce hibernative states of bliss, or Consciousness expanding states that induce visions. All around the world, ancient traditions learned to activate the Pineal Gland through Breathwork. This training focuses on Embryonic and Tortoise Breathing.

An Ethical Life of Autonomy and Reciprocity – every patient needs every clinician to have a clear sense of boundaries, and a deep compassion for the depths of confusion and disorientation that can occur with Trauma. As a potential Qi Gong Teacher and Therapist, you have a unique opportunity to help people on many dimensions in their lives. You also carry the ethical responsibility to ‘do no harm.’

Self-Care – If you are a contemplative person and are thinking of working in health care, finding a way of life that keeps you connected with Wisdom, Philosophy, and Ceremony, will ensure you have a guiding light in your Mind if your Heart ever gets heavy.

Public Speaking – If you see yourself offering lectures and seminars, I recommend learning about the recent reunion of modern Quantum Physics and certain Indigenous truths about reality, consciousness, and the many layers of existence.

100-Day Chan meditation – ready to commit one hour a day to some Qi Gong, a 45-minute seated Chan/Zen meditation, and some closing practices?  This Rite of Passage is used to refine your capacity for holding coherent states. An essential skill for hermits, monks, and Healers.

This course is taught over a year to stay in tune with the seasons.

Starting Fall 2024

This is a Twelve Month transformational process for all of your Inner Landscape, Energy Systems, and Dan Tian, in preparation for practicing Medical Qi Gong.

There will be several group webinars on the traditional theories and modern research on these practices, as well as an in-depth exploration of the capacity called Ting Jin – the ability to direct all of your senses and feel with a completely open awareness.<?>

This program is often taken concurrently with Level Ten – Becoming a Medical Qi Gong Therapist.

The intensity of content delivery will ebb and flow, depending on the group interactions and the time of year.


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