Qì Gōng is a lot like Dancing.

Imagine learning a simple dance move to some fun and meaningful music that you love.

Imagine, somehow, that you give yourself permission to feel your body, to play with momentum, to be shy, and to be a rock star – all at the same time.

That is what Qì Gōng feels like. Coming home to your body, your sensual experience, feeling all of the good stuff, feeling where you hold any distress and trauma, feeling into your deepest places, while becoming centered, grounded, patient, and a conscious witness to whatever arises.

Ancient healing traditions and modern science agree, that stress can be held in the body, like you are flinching imperceptibly in all of your nerves and muscles – all of the time. This ‘chronic flinch’ not only creates physical tension, but it also manifests as changes in qualities of your Aliveness, or your Qì. Sometimes this physical and energetic stiffness creates a lot of stagnation or constraint, and sometimes it creates a feeling of collapse.

There are many different forms and styles of Qì Gōng. Each one has a specific focus and benefit, or a specific dance to move your in just the right way.

Begins May 14 – 10:00 am PST

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10 weeks of Qi Gong Healing Fundamentals

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