Start Here!

A Qi gong Alphabet – shapes

30 minutes

10 – 15 gestures – exercises

Regu body/tension, balance, agility, aliveness

breath – etc aliveness

mind/spirit ;


Stillness in Motion

Wuji – Taiji – San Dao – once

Expanding and Settling @1 each slow ½ speed – 12 bre

Wings of Here and There – front/ side f/s/f– 5 3b each

Baby Elephant Bathes its Ears 1 L/R – slow

Wave Hands



Dragon – pearl open spine

Primordial Qi Gong and Balance and three Dan Tian with Qi Ball

Dredging and Clearing

Kelp in Wine (six breaths/six innate minds/yuan shen)

San Dao – three times

Guided Practice

with Instruction and Refinements

New Practices and Principles

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Teaching Nei Gong