~ Day Eighteen ~

Self-Compassion is a Superpower

Meditation, Attention, and Self Acceptance

Your Instincts are meant to protect you.

sometimes they work too well

cold showers


I offer a five-year 500-hour tt program




  • Neuroscience, Trauma, and Your Solar Plexus

    Polyvagal Theory and Gut Instincts

  • Breathwork Instruction

    Tortoise Breathing – two

    Front back contractions

  • Somatic Meditation

    Freeform Taichi and Overthinking

Trauma, Embodiment, Belonging, and Autonomy

Tortoise Breathing – two

Front and Back Contractions

Applied Compassion

Patience and Self Acceptance

Feeling Your Somatic Self

Freeform TaiChi

Freeing Your Somatic Self

disorientation and reorientation – breathwork

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