~ Day Two ~

This Process is Rooted

in Your Instinctual Body

Instincts change with Patience, Attention, and Neuroplasticity

This 49-day process is a rite of passage. For most of human history, we had to test ourselves and be witnessed as a strong

community member in some way. It is an instinct to build confidence through effort and feedback. It is nice to chill too.

Sometimes a rite of passage is about healing, especially the journeys where we must let go of our past self to discover are present authentic self. Sometimes instincts go wrong and sometimes certain instincts are no longer the ones to rely on changing in

stincts is like training a wild animal – you REALLY have to spend quality time with yourself and the parts of you that are reactive, impatient or too serious.

neuroplasticity and ancient wisdom

humans have been learning and growing for millions of years, it is our superpower – Technically it is called neuroplasticity

state shift, beath gas exchange and state shift

morning rituals – especially cold shower, the importance of drinking water

explore a few other resources and metabolic health

Take a deeper somatic journey with your embodiment of distress – tag




  • Morning Rituals and Neuroplasticity

    Novelty, focus,  and Curiosity

  • Breathwork Session

    Feeling and Filling Your Inner yolk

  • Guided Meditation

    Listening to Your Instincts

  • Shamanic Journey

    Playing Tag and Mapping Your Inner tension

  • Metabolic Fitness

    Cold Showers and Adaptability

 Morning Rituals and Neuroplasticity

breathwork, temperature, fasting, metabolic healthThis video will guide you through the essentials of a

Feeling and Filling Your Inner Yolk

Breathwork Session

audio -5 minutes with a heartbeat –  – gong each minute

might be in a different place every day

Listening to Your Instincts

12-minute audio – guided meditation –

gong at 2 minutes

Playing Tag and Instinctual Tension Patterns

Shamanic Journey

 Cold Showers and Adaptability

Metabolic Fitness

-which of your minds pulls away first?

recall shi zhi and zheng – be tough and be vulnerable. it takes both to heal

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