~ Day Twenty Nine ~

Communication and Honoring Your Ego

Digging Your Well, Listening to Yourself, Loving Your Ego

Your Instincts are meant to protect you.

sometimes they work too well

cold showers


I offer a five-year 500-hour tt program




  • Wisdom Teaching

    Digging Your Well of Zen

  • Wisdom Teaching

    Your Ego Mirror

  • Guided meditation

    Honoring Your Core Selves and Needs

  • Morning Ritual

    Cold Showers and Saving ‘Face’

Digging Your Well of Zen

Your Ego Mirror

Wisdom Teaching

Facing Your Ego Mirror

Shamanic Journey 

Honoring Your Selves and Needs

Guided Meditation

elevator breathing (warrior healer)

Cold Showers and ‘Saving Face’

Shunning, Shame, and Safety