Level Eight of the SomaDao Qi Gong Teacher Training Process

The primary focus at this level of Qi Gong training is to strengthen your Mind’s and your Body’s innate abilities to conduct and maintain a connection with increased Qi activity for hours at a time.

The content of this course has always been reserved for Monks, Martial Artists, and Healers. At this level of training, a certain part of your capacity resides in an awareness of Qi, but most of your capacity resides in your deeper energy systems and structures that ‘hold’ and express all of that energy throughout the day – especially a long day of treated patients.

This ‘level of practice’ primarily exists to prepare people for a career as a Medical Qi Gong Therapist, share some advanced forms with future scholars of Qi Gong, and guide some Qi Gong adventurers who want to see how far down, up, and inward the ‘rabbit hole’ goes.

This course is delivered over an eight-month period.

This level of practice primarily exists to prepare people for a career as a Medical Qi Gong Therapist, a Monastic, an Ascetic, and/or as a professional Martial Artist. Many people also learn these practices for personal Healing and Longevity, as well as the unique opportunity to experience the Shaman/Doctor/Healer/Scholar level of Qi Gong and Nei Gong practice.  It is always an honour to guide Qi Gong adventurers who want to see how far down the ‘rabbit hole’ of ancient practices goes.

Course Contents

At this level of Qi Gong practice, it is wise to cultivate a great deal of patience, a dedicated personal practice, and a connoisseur’s relationship with refinement.

Hun Yuan Qi Gong  Primordial Qi Gong – invites you to develop a very thorough and engaged relationship with caring for and interacting with all of your Dan Tian, as well as reconnecting to Primordial Qi or the underlying Quantum tension caused by Entropy.

Tian Shan Qi Gong – Sky Mountain Qi Gong – comes from a rare and potent Daoist lineage. It is often referred to as ‘Melting Body’ Qi Gong. An important capacity for anyone who applies Qi in any focused way is to dissolve stagnation and release constraint as it arises – in a treatment, or in a fight.

Tree Qi Gong – wandering through a forest has an unmistakable Qi, or Quality of Aliveness. Standing or sitting near a tree, while sincerely having a Qi ‘conversation’ or energy clearing and restoring session, can be life-changing. It is important to learn this skill in the traditional way. It is very powerful and can engender a form of Qi Deviation Syndrome (see below).

Five Element (Wu Xing) Qi Gong – has many approaches skills and styles. In Level Five – Therapeutic Qi Gong, you will/may have learned the first series. In this level, you will learn the remaining four series and explore inter-dynamic relationships of Life.

Nei Yang Gong and Spiritual Recapitulation – Inner Healing Skills (Nei Yang Gong) are a profound gateway into self-care and self-love. These skills can also be used to restore your, or another’s, innate inner harmony, as well as the health and function of every organ and system in your body.

Daoist Healing Initiations – have evolved or thousands of years to facilitate Rites of Passage, cultivate Meditation and Martial Arts skills, and support oneself through a conscious Healing Journey.

Seasonal Qi Gong Attunements – affirm your sensitivity and awareness of the Qi of the many Solar and Lunar seasons of the Daoist Calendar. As you cultivate your Healing Potential and Abilities

Instinctual, Visceral, Emotional, Energetic, and Existential Wounds – all cause unique and individual changes in the qualities of Qi, the states of Shen, and the vitality of Jing. Understanding and learning to feel these changes is the foundation of everyone’s Medical Qi Gong capacity.

108 Day – Restoring Your Innate Minds and Universal Belonging – This is a form of Monastic Daoist Meditation that helps ascetics, monks, and nuns, prepare for a life of Inner Cultivation (Nei Gong) and/or Inner Alchemy (Nei Dan).

Starting Spring 2024

This is an Eight Month pre-clinical Training and preparation for practicing Medical Qi Gong. There will be several group webinars on the traditional theories and modern research on these practices, as well as an in-depth exploration of the capacity called Ting Jin – the ability to direct all of your senses and feel with a completely open awareness.

This program includes two traditional initiation processes involving daily Qi Gong practice and meditation. These will be timed with the reasons for maximum benefit and skill development.

The intensity of content delivery will ebb and flow, depending on the group interactions and the time of year.


At present, the next intake for this course is Spring 2024



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Pay $1247 in Full

Three Monthly Payments


Three Payments of $425