~ Day Six ~

Freedom Begins with

Forgiveness and Letting-Go

What is the River of the Past?

The River of the Past is a Shamanic preparation and cleansing practice for certain healing ceremonies.

Your Instincts are meant to protect you.

sometimes they work too well

cold showers


I offer a five-year 500-hour tt program




  • Wisdom Teaching

    The River of the Past

  • Wisdom Teaching

    The Bwiti Tradition of Living Life

  • Standing Meditation

    Opening Your Sacrum with the Releasing Breath

  • Breathwork Session

    Seated, Rocking, and Leaving Your Past in the Past

The River of the Past

An Ancient Practice for Letting Go

The Bwiti Tradition of Living  Life

Reality can be very simple

Seated Meditation

Leaving Your Past in the Past



Qi Gong

Standing Meditation

top 5, releasing breath

filling and settling into your sacrum

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