~ Day Nineteen ~

Negotiating with Trauma Never Works!

Oscar the Grouch, Trauma, and Qi Gong

Your Instincts are meant to protect you.

sometimes they work too well

cold showers


I offer a five-year 500-hour tt program




  • Neuroscience

    Trauma Release and Breathwork

  • Breathwork Instruction

    Tortoise Breathing – three – Belt meridian contractions

  • Qi Gong

    Instincts, Connection, and Inner Turmoil

Negotiating with Embodied Trauma

Breathwork Instruction

Tortoise – thee – belt meridian contraction

Rehearsing Your Instincts

Bracing, Anticipation, and reactivity

Guided Meditation

Instincts, connection, and playing tag

releasing inner constraint

Metabolic Check-Up

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