~ Day Sixteen ~

Habituation can take over Your Life!

Butterflies and Stinky Socks

Your Instincts are meant to protect you.

sometimes they work too well

cold showers


I offer a five-year 500-hour tt program




  • Gut and Neuroscience

    Butterflies and Stinky Socks

  • Shamanic Journey

    How Primates Say Sorry

  • Breathwork Review

    Befriending Your Gut Intuition

  • Breathwork Session

    state-shift, solar plexus, mojo, mindset

Butterflies and Stinky Socks

How Primates Say Sorry

Controlling Connection

Breathwork Review

Feeling Into Your Intuition

Breathwork Session

Underwater Breathing to Reverse Breathing – 5 min

rehearse and release solar plexus