Cultivating Vitality, Fertility, and Longevity (Yang Sheng Fa) (2 payments)

Cultivating Vitality, Fertility, and Longevity (Yang Sheng Fa) (2 payments)


Therapeutic Qi Gong – a Ten-Month Journey

Healing is a need for everyone – at some point.

Sometimes, we need support from others, and most of the time we need to find it within ourselves to commit to our own healing.

If you need support, seeing a Medical Qi Gong Therapist is a highly effective option. You can relax and go inward as your Qi field and internal energy systems are realigned, while you are guided into conscious breathwork, using awareness to resolve energetic or emotional wounds, as well as internal organ and meridian system realignment.

If you need to learn some gentle exercises, meditation techniques, personalized breathwork practices, and Self-Healing Qi Gong skills, then you will need to learn Therapeutic Qi Gong. Or, if you feel called to help others, become a certified Qi Gong Therapist.

This course is meant for those with some Qi Gong experience, especially clinicians, therapists, and other health care professionals.



Methods for Nourishing Vitality and a Long Life

Yang Sheng Fa

Level Four of the Soma Dao Qi Gong Teacher Training

Most of the people I meet in the Qi Gong world have experienced a personal health challenge, and many have needed some form of healing. Many of those people became interested in studying human health and preventative medicine, eventually wanting to be more supportive of their friends and family. Some even go on to a career in Health Care.

If your Qi Gong journey has been inspired by a chronic personal health challenge, the ancient tradition of Yang Sheng Fa can help you support your health and healing in some very comprehensive ways. If you are interested in helping others, these tried-and-true methods of nourishing health, rooted in the oldest living system of medicine in the world, will help you have a good foundation in preventative medicine.

The Chinese characters for Yang Sheng Fa (養生法) describe feeding your leftovers to your goat Yang , just in case you need to eat your goat to stay alive. Sheng means life, birth, and engender, and Fameans methods. Some aspects of Chinese philosophy are very pragmatic, but also respectful of the ebb and flow of one’s resources, one’s vitality, and one’s challenges.

Yang Sheng Fa is a lifelong daily practice of self-care that involves all aspects of your life, even the humble and seemingly unimportant parts.  This approach to living a conscious and healthy life is all about balance, seasonal rhythms, and living a very long, conscious, and healthy life.


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