49 Days of Embodied Spiritual Practice – Opening Only


What to Expect…?

Every morning, for 49 Dayswe will meet live online…

Each week, we will focus on a specific aspect of Embodied Spiritual Practice.

The first few minutes will be a recap of the practices we are learning, then there will be a guided Meditation practice. The intention is to learn several ways to practice meditation and many ways to appreciate and apply conscious attention and interaction. This will be followed by a Conscious Breathwork Session, and then a Wisdom Teaching from around the World.

With coherent minds and Intentional Embodiment, we will learn the foundations of both Daoist and Shaolin Breathwork.

Each week, we will explore and experience a primary building block of advanced Breathwork. Breathing is like surfing in the ocean – the ride depends on the waves.

How you breathe – right now, can change the flow of your day, and even your life!

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