Your Three Dan Tian, Introductions, and ‘the Qi Talk’

Getting Ready for a Deep Dive

It was GREAT to see and meet most of the class.

I hope you are feeling curious about your Three Dan Tian and about the ways you will ‘De Qi”, or ‘have a tangible connection’ with Qi sensations in your practice.

Feeling into Qi is always more about listening and coherence.

During my ‘Qi Talk’ I missed an opportunity to connect two qualities of Qi.

This article and the videos from this weekend are on this page

The statistics in modern TCM Medical Qi Gong hospitals are amazing. Something like 80% of severely ill patients will recover in a few weeks or months.

Every day, patients in these hospitals are guided through meditation, practicing Qi Gong in groups and alone, intentional healing and breathwork, and receiving medical Qi Gong or ‘energy healing session for 4 – 6 hours per day.

Every day, for weeks and months.

The distinction I was taught and that I am clarifying with all of this ‘Qi Talk’ is about interacting mostly with the literal or the sensual. Feeling into the distinction between cause and effect hand movements compared with the tangible feelings of contact, tangible sensual and symbolic interactions, focusing on your state of being and sincerity. Being the animal more than the magician.

The similarity and the superpower of both the energy movement and the hands-on approach are listening and coherence.

That what I speak of when I say Ting Jin. The innate power of reaching with your attention and listening or smelling with your mind.

Coherence is like an unwavering presence to presence and willingness. One example is the “Zen’ state.

The coolest thing that I forgot to bring up is about the Heart Taurus and holding Coherent States of Being. Radio-Cardiological imaging shows immediate changes in the shape, strength, and structure of the biomagnetic field that exists, measurably – emanating from the center of your heart – right now!

My teacher of both Daoist and Indigenous hands-on healing focused on the Jing and Shen. Embodied readiness (Mojo/Ling) and adaptability, and Spiritual sincerity (Mindset/Shen) or Jingshen is the gateway to coherence.

This why certain postures and power objects, intentional movement are used in medical Qi Gong – to create coherent intent.

Coherence and listening are also shapes of your Heart Taurus. As I mention high-level meditators (whatever that suggests) can entrain or influence others in measurable and tangible ways – profoundly. With their Heart Taurus – you can see pictures and videos online.

My suggestion and warning is about staying in process more than tangibly listening to yourself or a patient with a completely coherent heart.

My primary teacher said that it is 50% physical embodied state and 50% coherent Spiritual sincerity – and as much collaboration with Dao as Possible.

Your hands can express interaction and intention, or they can move energy around. A good balance is what works best – as long as it is tangible.

As you begin to practice more often and go deeper into your meridians (fascia), and as the weather becomes more Yang, the more you will have a personal opportunity to De Qi, find your ways of feeling into and interacting with the subtle energies and states of your practice.

This is really about presence – being with what is –  but having a purpose, staying tangibly connected with your state. Visioning and energy clearing are necessary and powerful, stay with your state and sincerely more often than you move energy around.

Remember the Four Layers or Directions.

Qi Layer – listening into your deepest sensations and intuitions

Jin Layer (fascia/meridian)

Bone Layer (deep memory/structure)

Yi Layer – Coherent conscious presence – the beginning of deeper internal awareness and realignment.

We are going on a deep dive into your upper body, back, and breath for the next few weeks. Please. check in with yourself and feel into those relationships. They will be good friends for a while.

Here is the link to the videos from Saturday. 

Please keep the questions coming. Practice seated once a week. Breathwork is its own branch of Qi Gong. Breathwork is truly a superpower.

Ting Jin, keep feeling into your state and finding some playful sincerity.

Celebrate your gifts in your practice every day!

Group Class – Warm-up

(Your Three Dan Tian)

Group Class – Introductions

The Qi Talk