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A long-form conversation-style podcast about all-things Daoism.

Our conversations and interviews will discuss ancient and modern Daoist wisdom teachings, universal understandings, seasonal longevity and healing traditions, spiritual practices, relationship guidance, and profound insights on walking an authentic and meaningful path.

However you choose to walk it….

Episode Three – Walking in a Good Way

Part One

Staying Grounded in Your Practice

Welcome to the show!

In the third episode, Michael and Alex review the first two episodes and then Michael shares a story about an experience that informed him of a very deep truth about the origins of Daoism and some subtler meanings contained in the classics.

Part Two

The Essential Teachings in the Dao De Jing

The Dao De Jing (the classic of ‘Walking in a Good Way’) is the second most translated book on Earth!

There are as many perspectives on this ancient and subtle series of teaching from the Elders as there are individual readers.

In Part Two, Michael discusses the Chinese terms (and characters) for Dao, De, Zi Ran, and Wu Wei. The core principles from the Dao De Jing.


The Chinese Characters


Way, Path, Direction, Natural Flow, Innate Universal Feild. 


Virtue, Power, Collaboration, ‘Looking in the Four Direction until you find peace in your heart and move ahead with your people.’  

Zi Ran

Self Nature as Nature, Spontaneity, ‘Sacrificing your dog in the ocean or fire of Nature’s give-and-take.’

Wu Wei

Effortless Effort, Non-Interference, Non-Striving, ‘the imminent attrition of opportunistic urges.’

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