Welcome to Primordial Dao Present Dao

A long-form conversation-style podcast about all-things Daoism.

Our conversations and interviews will discuss ancient and modern Daoist wisdom teachings, universal understandings, seasonal longevity and healing traditions, spiritual practices, relationship guidance, and profound insights on walking an authentic and meaningful path.

However you choose to walk it….

Episode One – Coming into Being

Part One

The origins and history of Daoism

Welcome to the show!

In the first episode, Michael and Alex will introduce each other and then discuss the history and origins of Daoism.

What is Daoism?

When and how did it start?

What do Daoists practice?

Part Two

The Practice of Xing Ming Shuang Xiu

Simply put, to study the Nature of Existence/Self and Nature of Life – equally and together


One’s Nature, Character, (Heart-centred Life)


Life, Existence, Destiny, or Fate


Learn or share equally between two participants or practices.


Study, Learn, or swim across a river with sacred teachings.

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