Internal Refinement

Standing Meditation, Silk Reeling, and Agility Practices

Module Six – Standing Meditation and introductory Nei Gong. Zhan Zhuang, or ‘standing like a post half buried in the ground,’ will improve every aspect of your physical, mental, and emotional adaptability and well-being.

Nei Gong – or inner cultivation practice is a Daoist form of body-centred meditation.

Module Seven – Silk Reeling and Whole Body Connection. This aspect of Qi Gong is profoundly beneficial for coordination, self-expression, grace, and entering lucid Flow States.

If you are an athlete, dancer, or a martial artist, Silk Reeling is a game-changer!

Module Eight – Five Animal Qi Gong for Agility and Stress Release. One of the oldest forms of Qi Gong is playing like an animal. This opportunity to lose yourself while turning into a Panther, Bear, Tortoise, Ape, or Phoenix can connect you with some deeper instincts and free you from feeling stuck – on many many levels.

The content of Levels One and Two will give you enough information to practice and/or teach Qi Gong for years. With some Inner Refinement practices, your understanding of principles, and your ability to help your future students will improve greatly. These practices are like a deeper Qi Gong language. They will show you what is aligned, efficient, connected, in flow, and what is still stuck, or just an old habit.

Developing skillfulness in Qi Gong is a constant process of making minor adjustments. The Inner Refinement practices that are included in Level Three will hopefully be the most effective and efficient tools to help yourself, and your future students make the right adjustments at the right time.

As a practitioner and possible teacher of the essentials of Traditional Qi Gong, you can be confident that what you are practicing and sharing is rooted in ancient tradition, is very safe, and will continue to show you endless subtleties for the rest of your life.

To ensure that your Qi Gong practice is teaching you about efficiency, coordination, and flow, I teach the following aspects of Qi Gong:

  • Agility and Longevity Qi Gong incorporates enough resistance, speed, and mobility to help you build some lean muscle, strengthen your joints, and improve your balance. This flow is most often used as a warm-up for a Martial Arts class.
  • Standing Meditation (Zhan Zhuang) will teach you more about postural efficiency and alignment than anything else. Your body will eventually show you where you are holding, leaning, or collapsing. The principles of Standing Meditation will guide your adjustments in just the right directions, forever.
  • Freeform Tai Chi – Just as learning choreographed and repetitive forms can turn on or reawaken certain pathways in your nervous system and meridians, moving freely while focusing on subtle aspects of coordination, is the only way to engage other aspects of your Mind/Body connection. Sometimes dancing, Qi Gong and flow NEED to be random.
  • Silk Reeling Skills (Chan Si Jin) – nothing makes human movement more beautiful, elegant, and powerful to watch, than whole-body coordination. If learning Qi Gong is like learning an alphabet, practicing Silk Reeling is like writing poetry – while doing calligraphy at the same time.
  • Five Animal Frolics – State Shift and Shape-ShiftingQi Gong has a very long history of imitating animals. Being playful, becoming a Dragon or a Monkey, and allowing your body to dream it has infinite possibilities is very good for your Spirit. Breathing with intention, until your feel altered enough to see the Universe as a friend is also very good for your Spirit.
  • Your Six Innate Minds (Yuan Shen)Nei Gong is a life-long path of meditation and learning to become a more adaptable and present human being. If there is one final attribute to add to your Traditional Qi Gong training, it is to find some guiding wisdom and Spiritual practices to cultivate an agile and self-aware Mind – or a collaboration of your instinctual, intuitive, and existential Minds.

If you are seriously considering studying Qi Gong as a career, the very last thing I recommend studying is to learn how to teach. In the program that I offer, that is a very important component. Being good at something is not the same as being good at communicating to a complete stranger about their bodies and feelings. Today, especially, it is essential to become a Trauma-informed Qi Gong teacher.

I hope you feel inspired to find a Traditional Qi Gong teacher or become one.

Every city park needs a Traditional Qi Gong Teacher on Sunday mornings.

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