Level Two

Traditional Forms and Applied Principles

Forms are repetitive and choreographed routines and are an essential aspect of Qi Gong practice

Level Two Includes:

  • The famous Eight Pieces of Brocade (Ba Duan Jin) Qi Gong form.
  • The subtle Balancing Heaven and Earth (Tian Di He Yi Fa) Qi Gong Form.

Your Flexibility practice will evolve with the Deep Healing Flow and your fascia will thank you for the Tendon Changing Flow.

Your Breathwork practice will be transformed with Incremental Breathing, Nei Qiang (Inner Cavity/Egg) Breathing, and Shaolin ‘Underwater’ Breathing

With the skills and experience you have from Level One, you can now begin a thorough exploration of Applied Qi Gong Principles.

Comprehensive List

Theory and Principles

The History and Benefits of Traditional Forms

Discerning Wu Ji and Tai Ji in Practice

Your Three Dan Tian

Dao Yin and the Four Seasons

Your Three Basins

The Four Levels of Qi Gong Practice

The Life-Changing Yi Jin Jing – Transforming Tendon Process

Dao Yin Practice

Review and Warm-up with Level One content

Freeform Tai Chi

Yi Jin Jing (Transforming Connective Tissue) – Introductory Flow

The Deep Healing Flow – Floor Work

Ba Duan Jin – Eight Pieces of Brocade (introductory and intermediate versions)

Tian Di He Yi Fa – Balancing Heaven and Earth (becoming the stages/seasons of life)


Incremental Breathwork

Nei Qiang (Inner Egg) Breathwork

Shaolin ‘Underwater’ Breathwork

Level Two Overview Video

(13 min)

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