Simone MacKay

With over two decades of diverse experience in yogic practices, yoga teacher training, advanced Yoga Nidra studies, and plant medicine integration, Simone’s holistic approach nurtures transformative growth.

Rooted in trauma-informed, somatic-based, and compassion-centered principles, she guides individuals along soulful paths of empowerment, fostering deeper connections and self-discovery.

As the director and founder of Somah Journeys and the School of Sacred Arts, Simone curates sacred spaces that blend ancient wisdom with contemporary practices, facilitating personal development. With her guidance, individuals embark on soulful journeys, tapping into inner wisdom, embracing potential, and finding harmony in their lives.

Explore the profound depths of Yoga Nidra with Simone, where soul work and practical techniques seamlessly intertwine for nervous system regulation.

Dive into the intricate layers of your being, cultivating internal space amidst thoughts and emotions while embracing intuition and soul wisdom. Discover how these practices extend beyond personal growth, enriching relationships and communities—an invaluable remedy for our modern era. Drawing inspiration from nature and conscious relating, Simone creates authentic environments for growth and healing, providing a supportive space for individuals to explore and evolve.

With a background in social work and extensive training in yoga and Yoga Nidra, Simone empowers individuals to tap into life’s deeper currents and navigate with discernment, ease, and belonging.

Transcending Limitations and Living Wild

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Beginning April 8, 2024

Learn the skills, practices, and principles necessary to safely and successfully guide others through several kinds of Qi Gong Classes.

The 200 Hour program includes three levels:

One- Embodied Awareness

Two – Traditional Forms and Applied Principles

Three – Inner Refinement

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