This is the Second in a series on the Five Elements and Qi Gong practice. I am also introducing you to a new Healing opportunity involving Acupuncture, Therapeutic Qi Gong, and a Sound Bath.

If you have not read the first article, HERE is a link!

If you are new to Five Element or Five Phase Theory, I encourage you to learn or review the essential TCM understanding of how your body and mind work. Although there are a lot of intuitive associations to learn at first, I can attest (after almost 30 years of clinical practice) that this understanding is very thorough and holistic, which means effective and efficient.

This Spring (which starts on Feb 4th in TCM), I will be offering a Five Part Series of Acupuncture, Qi Gong, and Sound Bath sessions with Mira Koerner-Safrata. Mira is an Acupuncturist, Yoga and Qi Gong teacher.

In each session, we will begin with a check-in and selecting the kind of treatment you prefer (restoring, harmonizing, or calming). Then we will engage in a 20 – 30 min group Qi Gong practice that is specific to the Element or Phase of the week.

After a short pause, we will settle onto a Yoga mat (please bring a pillow and light blanket – Teddy Bears are welcome). While the Acupuncture treatments are being applied, we will explore a guided meditation and some conscious Breathwork. Each week, the Acupuncture points used will shift to activate, harmonize, or calm a specific organ system.

Starting Thursday, Feb 8th – at 6:30 pm, we will begin with the Element of Earth.

Thursday, Feb 15th – at 6:30 pm, we will harmonize the Wood Element.

The Five Pillars of Qi Gong

The classic Five Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Water, and Metal. Each ‘element,’ or Phase of Transformation, makes up one-fifth of the Universe’s phenomena and activity. Each of the following aspects of Qì Gōng practice can be seen as expressions and investigations into each of the Five Phases individually.

They include:


Qi Gong Experience


Alignment and Structure



Self-Expression and Expansion



Embodied Sensation and Thought



Breath, Receptivity, and Acceptance



Stillness and Readiness


Wood ~ Alignment and Structure

The energy () of Wood is related to growth, or to moving in a certain direction with purpose and intention. In Traditional Chinese medicine, there is an association between your Liver, your tendons, your assertion, and the way that trees and other plants grow. This quality of movement and is how all plants and animals reach towards their needs of Sun (Fire) and Water, while growing in the most favorable directions.

While always staying rooted in their trunks, roots, ‘tendons’, and structure.

The attitude or mood of Wood is to move through life with purpose. Imagine that you are in a hurry to get to the hospital. You would naturally move in whatever directions are necessary without distraction, and you would experience any obstacles with a sense of anger and intensity.

In your Qì Gōng practice, you will always be in a tangible interaction with your alignment, with every nuance of keeping your center of gravity balanced ‘just right’ between your feet. Stretching, bending, and reaching with intention in any direction is naturally balanced with stability, strength, and pliability.

This aspect of Qì Gōng is loved by athletes and martial artists for the profound improvements to their coordination, dexterity, and ability to learn new skills.

A Qì Gōng principle that relates to a healthier Wood Element is called Fàng Sōng 放鬆, or a balance of feeling Rooted, Ready, Reaching, Releasing, Pliability, and Loose.

If you were a tree, how would it feel to survive a hurricane?

Below is a Wisdom Teaching that offers you a couple of ways to ‘be’ your Liver.

If you are local, hope to see you at the Acupuncture and Soundbath Journey!

Here is the link to the event page on Facebook. Let us know if you are interested.

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