The first form of support will be weekly LIVE or recorded webinar events.

EVERY WEEK, we will focus on the most essential, foundational, and tangible principles of Qi Gong practice.

Similar to an in-person class, we will practice together for part of the class, then I will teach a new exercise or skill, demonstrating the correct version and some common errors specifically for learning on a screen.  I will do my best to exaggerate the subtler aspects so that nothing is missed.

Qi Gong is usually learned over a few years, so we will have to maintain forward momentum while committing enough time for review and refinement. Each skill, exercise, principle, or traditional form will be taught gradually, Step-By-Step.

These live webinars and occasionally recorded classes will help you stay focused and inspired on your journey while ensuring that you get to ask questions and refine the skills of your practice. If you cannot participate live online, you can always email a question that will be answered during the class.

The recordings are usually available within 24 hours.

They are edited and separated into specific subjects so that you can find what you are looking for easily.