Standing Meditation Principles and a Quick Ba Duan Jin

Nei Gong and Breathwork

Your Six Dan Tian

Zhan Zhuang – Standing Meditation

The Four Qualities of Yin and Yang

Seated Nei Gong

One hour of Zhan Zhuang and Ba Duan Jin

The Agility and Longevity Flow

The Eight Silk Reeling Exercises

50-minute sit and review

Deep Healing Flow – Final Details

The Tennis of Teaching

Zhan Zhuang – Standing Meditation

Zhan Zhuang –One Hour Guided Full Practice

Lesson Links

Lesson One

Agility and Longevity Qi Gong and Standing Meditation Principles

Lesson Two

 Breathwork and Nei Gong

Lesson Three

Zhan Zhuang, Agility Practice and Your Six Dan Tian

Lesson Four

Zhan Zhuang, Agility Practice and Silk Reeling

Lesson Five

Four Qualities of Yin and Yang, Zhan Zhuang, and Six Dan Tian

Lesson Six

Opening your Spine, Seated Nei Gong

Lesson Seven

Sky Mountain Zhan Zhuang and Seated Nei Gong

Lesson Eight

One hour of Zhan Zhuang and Ba Duan Jin

Lesson Nine

Agility and Longevity Flow and Full Silk Reeling Flow

Lesson Ten

Connecting with your Practice and a 50-minute sit and review

Lesson Eleven

Deep Healing Flow, Silk Reeling, and Backwards Yi Jin Jing

Lesson Twelve

Review and the ‘Tennis of Teaching’

Lesson Thirteen

Learning how to teach…

Lesson Fourteen

Teaching Nei Gong

Lesson Fifteen

De Qi Flow and Zhan Zhuang, Guan Jie Flow and Silk Reeling (Coming Soon)

Lesson Sixteen

Restore Your Core, Open your Kua, and Floorwork Review (ComingSoon)