Mira Koerner-Safrata

I first remember doing yoga as a very young child, reading from a book with my mother we imitated the shapes. It was not until 10 years ago I slid beyond the veil of yoga-as-performance into yoga-as-life.

Taking my work off the mat, integrating conscious breath awareness at any point in the day, and actively seeking a widening of my container during mundane tasks have been a life-giving game changer.

I approach all embodied work with a focus on applying the practice to everyday situations. I also create space for nature connection and meld practices such as meditation into nature explorations.

I hold a BA in Clinical Psychology and am awaiting registration for Acupuncture. A long-time interest in alleviating psychological and physiological suffering has led me to ancient practices.

I was certified in 2020 with a Hatha Yoga 250 teacher training as well as Qi Gong practice. I have been keeping these as a personal oasis and am delighted as I shift back into teaching.

A Life of Training, and a First Breath of Connection

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