Qi Gong Improves and Accelerates Tissue Repair

In Daoism and in many other indigenous cultures, there is an appreciation that all sentient beings are expressions of the same present Universal Aliveness (Embodiment/Yin) and Universal Attention (Consciousness/Spirit/Yang).

Traditionally, the most admired qualities of this aliveness are its creativity and adaptability.

If you challenge a muscle – it will get stronger.

If you try hard enough – you could learn to juggle.

Depending on how you challenge your adaptability, the more specifically you can stimulate the natural healing aliveness and attention of your body and the underlying life-force (Qi) within all things to respond. You just have to commit the time and playful curiosity to challenge your body and yourself to stay present, go a little deeper.

This can happen at every level of being. As a clinician, I want to bring your attention to an important and very powerful example.

A natural part of ageing is the gradual depletion of your steroid hormones.<?>

For example, your metabolism naturally slows down approximately 10% when you are 40 years old and your available Human Growth Hormone (HGH) becomes exercise dependent. Regular Qi Gong practice has been shown to support your body’s ability to repair itself. 1https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/01/070123143544.htm

This means you have to exercise 10% more every decade after 40 to maintain your boy weight (metabolism) and tissue repair (HGH). Fortunately, you don’t have to work 30% more intently at 60, you just have to be at least 30% more specifically focused during your Qi Gong or other exercises to get the specific results you want.

If your stretch in ways that challenge every level of your connective tissues like muscles, tendons, fascia, ligaments, joint imbalances, imprinted trauma and somatic holding patterns, and even the physical nerves that connect your spine to every limb in every direction you can move.

When you pull on connective tissues and nerves consistently and lengthen them gradually and carefully, your body will maintain higher levels of HGH, which will help your body repair injuries, organs, membranes, joints, sleep better, feel more vital and have more sexual energy.

A healthy diet, supporting your body in ways that can improve healing, like lowering inflammatory foods and eating a higher connective time (nose to tail) diet, the more you will support natural tissue repair.

Focusing on breathwork practices that include hyperventilation and breath-holds (see The 4 Branches of Breathwork), can stimulate Nitric Oxide, which is known to improve circulation, neurotransmitter regulation (mood), vascular tone and repair, longevity, focus, and heart rate variability (HRT). <M?>

These positive and natural changes in metabolic function, which easily occur with regular breathwork practice, support healing directly and stimulate a positive and proactive attitude and sense of personal autonomy and agency.

Breathwork also changes your brain chemistry in some playful ways that can also support your Inner Shaman on your healing journey!

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