3 – Qi Gong Improves Posture and Coordination

Your mind shapes the world by the way you use your body and the way feel inside your skin.

If your Mind, Body, and Sensations/Emotions all shape the world or feel like they live in a world of fear and conflict, then your entire physiology and instinctual adaptability will prepare you for more of that experience.

One of the unspoken requirements of changing your life and healing your body is constant embodied awareness. I usually describe this an Awareness frequency Practice, the number of times a day that I commit 2 minutes to stillness, mindfulness, postural awareness, breath involvement and attunement, tension release, and likelihood to spontaneously start dancing.

Try five times a day for a week, it may change your life!

The best place to begin an Awareness Frequency Practice is a conscious and curious relationship with your posture. I encourage my Qi Gong Sudents<?> to feel their spine as if it is a fish swimming upstream. Sometimes fast and sometimes gently and fluidly.

Consciously and curiously swim upstream with the ancient consciousness of a reptile.

A few weeks of regular daily commitment to your postural awareness and refinement will have profound effects on your health, your focus, your breath capacity,  digestion, core tone, and overall tissue health.

Postural refinement has the unique capacity to create change in micro areas of flexibility and tone throughout your whole body, from head to toe, creating better innervation, circulation, tissue repair (see above), proprioception (spatial awareness and coordination), and overall sense of balance.

A study in Chicago showed that Postural Awareness Improves Mood and Energy Levels, even in people with Clinical Depression.  1https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27494342/