Qi Gong Inspires a Creative Mindset

Learning anything that is enjoyable and playful is easier to remember. If you can also learn in a creative way, you will be developing tangible skills as well as memories and knowledge. Learning works best when you are having fun.

In the Chinese language, you invite a friend to go and play Qi Gong.

Imagine practicing Qi Gong with a group of people in a park on a sunny day. Imagine how enjoyable it is to relax, let go, be silly, open to your inner life and feel a shift of awareness and self. This kind of regular practice and experience engenders trust and a willing investment into personal transformation.

Modern life is changing so fast that most of us can barely keep up. Many people live rigid, controlled, and often controlling lives. They are more invested in defending their personality castle and trust their unconscious reactions, than in exploring their boundaries. When our life becomes a container for distress and dissatisfaction, we are unlikely to try something new, or especially something very, very old.

One of the best gateways to changing from a ‘keep it together’ life, to a ‘let it all go’ life is an honest relationship with where we feel stressed and stuck.

No, that is not a typo.

I did not misspell where. You may be thinking about why you feel stressed, or who’s fault it is, or how it is making you feel physically sick. I meant where. Where in your physical body, your emotional body or your Spirit body do you feel wound up or collapsed the most?

Listening to your body is a powerful skill.

Take a moment and feeling into your tongue. Which side seems thicker? Feel into your shoulders. Which is higher? Feel into your Solar Plexus. Can you feel any butterflies?

Feeling into your body and shifting your posture, letting out a deep breath, swaying like kelp in the ocean, and opening your heart are all great and tangible ways to shift your state. It is also a very good way to connect with yourself, your body, and your Qi.

This gradual dance of finding tension and distress and releasing it as intuitively as you can will, over time, build a sense of confidence in your self and your practice. You will soon finder yourself feeling relaxed and at ease with many of the stories that used to keep you up at night.

Now you are ready to dance with the Universe!

In my experience, once people feel at home in their bodies, they naturally want to feel at home in their Universe. What if that were possible? Feeling connected to everything and everyone?

If you have a playful and curious attitude with your practice and have developed the skill of ‘feeling into’ life. The sky is the limit – on many levels.

This changes people’s mindset in some very profound ways. No longer rigid, restrained, and resigned, their mind becomes present curious and creative. This is especially true if you practice outside often. Throughout the year you will feel the seasonal changes in nature and within yourself. How you respond to those changes will likely be confident and creative.

Many of my Qi Gong friends are artists, and they can attest to how open, receptive, and creative this practice can be. Many of my patients who suffer from depression find Qi Gong lifts their spirits and their mindset – sometimes for days.mfn]https://www.researchgate.net/publication/337329757_The_Neurophysiological_and_Psychological_Mechanisms_of_Qigong_as_a_Treatment_for_Depression_A_Systematic_Review_and_Meta-Analysis/citation/download[/mfn]

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