This Reading of the Nei Jing Tu (內經圖) will translate the scroll character for character.

The translation will go from top to bottom, discussing an understanding of why the scroll is so important for contemporary practitioners.

This initial conversation discusses the guidance that is recorded above the head.

This part of the scroll offers guidance on some of Daoism’s highest Spiritual Aspirations and some Sacred Truths about immersive Inner Cultivation.

Inner Landscape Practice and Spiritual Aspirations

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2024 Courses with Dr. Michael Smith

Beginning April 8, 2024

Learn the skills, practices, and principles necessary to safely and successfully guide others through several kinds of Qi Gong Classes.

The 200 Hour program includes three levels:

One- Embodied Awareness

Two – Traditional Forms and Applied Principles

Three – Inner Refinement

Welcome to the 200-Hour Qi Gong Teacher Training Program